Report Review

6 years we have been going to Fakefest, with about 7-9 boats and about 40+ people. This is the busiest weekend of the year according to the dock hands. THERE IS NEW MANAGEMENT. The location of our group was as expected, except for a large abandoned boat which separated our group, which has obviously been there for a very long time by our understanding. The floating docks are old, lots of splinters, loose boards and overall not maintained. The dock boys were great. We had an 80' Hatteras on the other side of the main dock, which was allowed and not corrected to winch up the craft so the entire main dock was raised up on the side of the Hatteras and was low on the other side, which made for the dock to be very uneven and rub the pilings continuously, making an annoying noise with every motion of the water from boat wakes. The music awesome. The pool at the Golden Nugget is way overcrowded.