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Bad experience. Coming into harbor guy on channel 71 could not verbalize where our mooring bouy was located?? When we went to the marina office found out oh by the way we had a fire 2 weeks ago that destroyed our bathrooms, showers and laundry but you are welcome to our 2 portapoties! Walked to town = a mlle for dinner and called for water taxi back to their marina. No reply so walked to marina and took our dinghy back to the boat. Got a call back just as we boarded with excuses blaming us for not calling on channel 71. I don’t know about you but I do not take my VHF radio to shore or dinner. Avoid if you want descent service and honesty about their Services. Also put us at far end of mooring field with bad swells all night when they had lots of mooring space closer in where it was much quieter. They really didn’t give a damn if you were comfortable or had a good stay just whined about how bad this summer was with the fire and the virus. Worst hospitality on the ME coast so far!!