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Sandwich Marina is a decent place to stop when entering or leaving the Cape Cod canal, but it wouldn’t be my first choice on my next trip. We had a reservation at the normal transient dock but apparently the previous occupant broke down and couldn’t leave. The marina then reassigned us to a slip at the far end of a dock full of lobster boats. It wouldn’t have been bad except that the amount of seagull poop on the dock was disgusting. Given the hot weather, it smelled pretty bad. Shore power proved to be a problem as well. It took several attempts, with no help from the dockhand who met us, to successfully connect the first time. Then early in the morning, power to the whole marina was lost for nearly an hour. Perhaps not their fault, but frustrating, none the less. Then heads and showers were clean and well equipped. The final frustration for me came when I wanted to pump my holding tank and buy some fuel as I left to transit the canal. There was a constant stream of other customers and I couldn’t reach the dock attendant by radio to get a place in line. After nearly an hour waiting, I finally gave up without completing either of those tasks.