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Dock pilings and cleats were new with plenty of vertical bumper strip. Enough water depth at low tide, however we pulled in and were glad we did. Our spot against the smaller deck (north) was out of the water against the sea wall. The decks were very nice with chairs, covered tables, and charcoal grills. The power pedestals and water access was sufficient with some stations having hoses already attached, which we used each afternoon to rinse salt spray off. Small pool and property cleanliness was average. Would have been nice to have a bathroom by the pool/deck. My biggest complaint would be the fishing off the dock fingers and seawall. The two huge decks have tons of footage to fish off the front of, yet people still want to be right on top of you. Had people walking down the already narrow dock fingers to toss there bait under my boat and casting over my motor. Even had one guy push my boat off the pilings with the slack in ropes so he could get between. Snagged my dock line when retrieving his bait. Staff is non-existent in evenings to control this, as they are all at main hotel across the street. You also have guests on the decks all night. Not quiet at all if that’s what you are looking for.