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I have had the privilege of sailing in and out of Confederation Basin, in Kingston, Ontario, for 40 years now. At no time, as in the past few years, have I experienced such unprofessional service from the ENTIRE marina staff. No one answers the phone, which is weird because three staff were at the client service desk just gabbing and/or eating. No one responds to VHF calls from inbound boats, which is weird because I saw a dockhand with a VHF. No one knows what slip to put you in, which is weird because I filled in the online registration days ago. No one serves you at the client service, which is weird because, again, three staff are sitting around gabbing and eating, paying attention to anything except the human being at the counter. This has been going on for too long. Time for a change in leadership for marina staff in my opinion. Love Kingston. KCVI student. Queens grad. Married here. I would not normally say anything, but Confed Basin is important to me, my family, and this community. It has been hard to watch the level of service decline so drastically over the past few years. That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for listening. CC