Report Review

First, I want to acknowledge that the staff is very good at West Wind Marina. However, this marina needs upgrading in order to justify $7 per foot, even for Newport. i was here about three years ago and very little has changed for the better. The docks had perhaps 2% of the decking replaced but really needs 100% replacement. The bathrooms really need to be redone. We were prepared to hear music from the club until closing time but there were two sources of music, one from the club and one from the bar and grill that competed. The worst was the private party on one of the big yachts (Reset) that may be a seasonal tenant. They took over when the club closed with some really obnoxious music. It required my going over at 2:45 AM to get some relief and that was not really satisfactory until 3:00 AM. The security is good here considering the night club and the bar and grill on the property. The location is good. It is not far from the heart of Newport.