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We've been enjoying this marina with our family of 5 for years. I have 3 kids 7-13 and we brought a cousin along on this trip. I have never had a negative thing to say about this place until now. It's been a favorite stop of ours, however this year they refused to give resort passes to everyone on our vessel- 6 of us. The office girl even called in the harbor master to see if she could break the 4 pass rule. It was 90 degrees and we were all hot with our pool bag in hand. He eventually sent me to the pool to get pool passes after I walked out of the office in tears. I later learned that pool passes and resort passes are not the same. My teenage daughter was chastised for being at the park at 10:00 at night for carrying the pool pass instead of a resort pass. It was an awful experience and I felt very much discriminated against for having a family bigger than 4 people. Not the same family friendly marina it's been know to be. I'm sad to say we may not be including this marina in our annual family boat vacation next year.