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This is a gorgeous marina with lots of potential. Sadly however they aren’t really interested in happy customers. When we called for a reservation, my husband specifically asked for a slip with close access to the pool and restaurant because I have issues that make walking difficult. We also asked for a port side tie. We were told no problem. When we got there we were directed into a slip with a starboard side tie and not all that close as we were promised. Minutes later another boat was directed into a pier closer to the pool with a port side tie. We later spoke to those boaters and they did not ask to be closer. So what was the point of asking? No one seemed concerned, the deckhands shrugging and saying “sorry”. The dock master did give us a whopping 10% discount. Big deal. I would have preferred what we specifically asked for. It truly is a beautiful, clean marina but if you have any special needs or requests I would not recommend.