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Weekend of 8/20-22: This would have been our first visit to the La Connor Marina in our trawler. We were looking forward to learning about navigating the slough to the marina as well as celebrating with my son in the town for his birthday. Unfortunately, the unexpected boat repair I wrote about in my Port of Everett Marina review for that same weekend kept us in Everett for another night making it necessary to cancel our reservation for the La Connor marina. Again making reservations via the Dockwa app was a smooth, pleasant experience. The subsequent call to the marina office to cancel our reservation also went smoothly with a very nice, pleasant person, understanding of our situation, assisting at the other end of the phone. Although we still had to pay for a portion of our unused reservation, I knew that from the website and just appreciated how she made the experience hassle-free. We look forward to successfully making the trip to La Connor sometime in the future.