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We LOVE this place!! And let me tell you, with the troubles we had getting here last year (our trip started at 4 am, getting to first lock- Dresden only to have an engine conk out, after engine fixed, next day- try again- leave at 4 am and have a 4 hour wait at Dresden- only to have our batteries drained by the time it was our turn (operator error- lesson learned) marina delivered batteries, windy and getting bounced on the wall waiting at Brandon st lock, going through the canals in pitch black with debris and barges everywhere, no one answering at Amtrak bridge to raise it, getting to Chicago Harbor lock at 3am and when the doors opened, staring out terrified at the black abyss, getting to our slip ;finally!) by 3:30am) you can be sure we wouldn't be making this trip again had our stay last year been awful. We even kept extending our stay it last year. Since we did have such a good time, I knew to book for a longer stay this time. Booking was easy, staff friendly & helpful, bathrooms are a dream!, and the picturesque location can't be beat! Even though we had to battle a storm to get here, the hubaroo is already talking about next year's trip- and we're not even halfway through this one! So yeah, we're kinda crushing on this place!