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This was our first time at Osprey Marina in Rockhall, Md. We wanted to try somewhere different and could not get a slip at the haven marina next door they were booked. So we decided to try here. We came by our boat with our children and dog to stay for the weekend. Upon arrival, the dock guys were super nice and helpful. Once we got settled we took our dog for a walk around the property to check things out. The marina provides dog poop bags located right at the end of pier but people must not use them (we brought our own) there was multiple piles of dog poop through out grass areas. So watch when walking. We headed to the pool soon after which was nice and clean. There was a small grill for food and a pool bar. We had a nice day swimming but the issues didn’t start until the evening. The marina/reservation lady failed to tell us when we reserved the slip that the town trolley/tram was not working (even though it’s on website as transportation to town and did not say it was not available) and that there is no other means of transportation to town (no Uber or taxi) other then a bike rental. Which didn’t work with small children that don’t know how to ride a bike yet. Also, it was to far to walk with little kids to town even though we attempted but turned around half way there. So we decided to go with plan B and eat at the restaurant on marina grounds. We went there and she said “sorry you have to make a reservation 24hrs in advance we are booked”. We learned the next day that is for breakfast there also 24hr reservation required. So we asked the lady in the restaurant can we just order carry out and take it to our boat. She said “sorry we do not do carry out”. She wasn’t very nice. Horrible customer service. Thank goodness I come prepared when going away and brought extra food on boat for little ones that can not wait to eat when figuring out situations like this. We planned on eating out in the town not food from home. Also restaurants in town will not delivery to you. The pool grill was opened until 8pm. It was 730 so we ended up rushing over there before they closed. Kids swam again until pool closed at 9pm and we made the best of it. No manager was available to speak to until Monday morning. The workers there offered no discount or anything for all the mix up/inconvenience and no on telling us all this before arriving. Also, showers in bath house had no hot water. We will not go back to this place because of the poor customer service and the way they handle the situation. We are very down to earth people easy to please but think the situation was handled poorly. Other boaters did tell us the marina next door “The Haven” is very nice and no reservations are required for their restaurant in case anyone reading this is considering going. We will make sure we look into all details next time when going into a new marina. Next on our list is St. Michael’s and Cambridge Hyatt. Been to both before and love them. Highly recommend.