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I’m happy I was able to get a last minute slip, then again …Hard to see at night entrance. The marina is going through dredging with equipment everywhere. They sent me down B dock only to find out after having to deal with a strong under current that it was blocked about half way down. No room to turn around so had to go backwards onto the oncoming current. My heart with in my throat. The place is so big it takes the staff 10 minutes just to get to you. Woke up to having a dredge house the size of a car underneath my yacht. Not sure of any damage until I get home. Nice kids running the place. When I asked for a diver to check out the bottom the answer from the manager which a young dock master on duty called said sorry not today. The other boat that may have been damaged was a 70’ trawler with stabilizers. Very bad for everyone. Beat to go somewhere else for now until they do a better job at some of these things.