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This is a tough one! We definitely had some issues. We called to confirm slip assignments, but couldn't get anyone to answer any of the numbers listed. The concierge at the resort couldn't even help. We were 20 minutes out when I checked Dockwa to see if our slip assignment was listed there. Fortunately, Dockwa had a different number and that worked. I was able to reach the dockmaster on duty. He was very nice and did his best to help. The water line was broken on our dock, but he turned it on so we could fill out tanks. Our power pedestal's breaker popped several times so we had to turn off our AC and other items to keep power coming into the boat. They gave us a gift card to the resort which was very nice. The location was excellent to tour the Patriots Point ships which is why we stayed here. However, the expensive resort fee for facilities we didn't use and the fact that we were constantly waked due to boat traffic outside of the marina will probably keep us from returning. I rarely post a less then positive review, but in this case the phone numbers need to be fixed, the cell phone the marina advertises needs to have its voice mail accessible and the water/power issues need to be rectified. If you're going to charge for amenities they should work properly.