Report Review

The dock master Rand was a 10 out of 10, truly superb, BUT the facilities are poorly maintained. The marina dock hands are not very effective. The staff that rent the boats are a disgrace- hoses left across the docks, garbage was strewn by their shed while three of them sat in chairs- no pride in what they do. The rental group is not part of the marina but they leave a terrible impression of the marina as a whole. When I suggested they should take some pride in what they do the three of them were unmotivated to address any of the issues- garbage was in the same place three hours later. Back to the premises themselves- resort fee is a way of charging more for little incremental value if any, very long walk from A dock to anywhere, water floods over the docks as boats pass by, the docks are covered with debris from the river, poor lighting and deck plates missing leaving holes two feet deep (a leg breaker for sure) - although the staff told us they are in the middle of upgrading the docks and facilities- be aware that at the moment the marina is very underwhelming. Location requires a rent a car, no shuttle provided.