Report Review

We had to alter our schedule to arrive at 6:30 PM to arrive near slack current, as I now see it would be dangerous not to. We were traveling with another boat and were told when we reserved the slips we would both be on A dock. Upon arrival, I was assigned a slip on B, but when I got there, it was occupied. I requested a different slip, but got no reply. The current and wind was still challenging but we were able to get back to the main fairway while dodging 2 other boats. Meanwhile, our buddy boat was assigned a slip on C dock, and it also was occupied when they got there. They left the marina and circled in the harbor for about a half hour, while the marina shuffled slips. The boat that was in our assigned B dock slip departed, and we were instructed to return. It takes a $14 + tip ferry to get to Charleston. At the end of the day, one ferry boat (a big pontoon) apparently couldn't dock at their usual slip on A, and went to an assigned slip on B. Later, when walking the dock, I heard a gentleman asking the ferry captain how long the ferry would be in his slip. This mismanagement, the required use of Dockwa, and a sign on the stairs to the office stating "No admittance" tells me that marina management is inadequate or non existent. Would not recommend.