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This marina is the worst on the east coast. I've made the trip from FL to NY four times over the past two years and there is not a single marina that comes close to being as bad as this one. From reading the other reviews, it is clear the problems are ongoing and mostly the same. You would be a FOOL to ignore what fellow boaters state on this page. The staff at the marina is filled with punky kids who have no idea what they are doing. They don't answer the radio, they assign slips that are too small for the boat size, and there is no sense of urgency whatsoever (even amid a horrible storm). I'll spare the ugly details, but in short: if you don't want to avoid damage to your boat, and if you prefer not boil your blood by having to deal with everything from poor docking conditions, to broken electrical stations, water feeds not working, and complete incompetence from wise ass kids working as dock hands, then go somewhere else. To punch it home, if I had to choose between anchoring in the harbor and going the night without power, or dishing out money to this marina, I would anchor in the harbor without second guessing myself. Stay far away!