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First, when I arrive and hailed them on the radio, they never responded. So I went to the fuel dock. When I mentioned I was hailing them they responded, we heard you. Shouldn't they have responded?My boat is 28 ft. Got charged for 33 ft minimum, resort fee, which the hotel also charges, and for power even if I did not use it. Called the number the marina gave me at check in, for getting a pump out for the waste. They said go online they did not know the cost. Looking at their paperwork found it is suppose to be complementary. Went to have it done, they said it did not work. they did not help, or even offer to help me or the other 3 boats who came with me, to dock since the wind was blowing strong. Only seen young, untrained kids as dock hands. NEEDS BETTER MANGEMENT AND MORE STAFF.