Report Review

Made a res through Dockwa and Palm Beach Yacht Club accepted and confirmed quickly. We arrived at 4:30 on a Sat afternoon and received assistance in docking our boat from a helpful employee. Minutes after that there was no one around to offer any assistance. The office was already closed and we couldnt connect to shore power because the right outlet wasn't available for our slip. We went to the gate to find any employee and ask where the restrooms/showers were and what the details were for the wifi and the employee just pointed without talking. When we left for dinner we asked if and when the gate would be locked and the answer was "when I go home". The employee was insulting and confrontational, and my wife and I are still in shock as to how we were treated. This must be one troubled employee but on a Sat afternoon they must have more people available. So overall it was convenient but the service was well below the lowest possible standard for any boater.