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Facilities were fine. Dockhands were attentive while on dock and helpful while docking. They sure wanted to give us ice. My issues were all preventable by the marina policies and staff. I sent a dockwa chat early afternoon asking for a slip assignment and telling of our ETA. I got no response. At 2:45 I got a text from dockmaster asking when we were expecting to arrive. I responded 4 minutes later telling him when we expected to be there. No response. Called on ch 9 as we approached and was told to stand by. They scrambled to untie a boat they had in our slip. This was after the window in which I said we would arrive. We hovered. After We docked it became clear that though staff was wearing masks they were not enforcing any mask rule on the docks at all. Turning on my underwater lights drew a group of maskless people who hovered around me on the dock. I slipped away as soon as possible but they stayed and fished right off the stern of my boat. We went to dinner. Gate was left wide open All day until 10pm. We were given a code and when we came back from dinner could not open gate. There was no mention of a latch that went through the dock to keep gate from opening. Took a few tries to figure it out. We were not the only ones who struggled. Bush league. When we returned to boat I heard someone in the crowd still fishing off my stern say “ I think he’s staying at the hotel tonight”. At that point I decided to tell them I was turning off the lights and did so. They cursed me. I now know why nice marinas don’t allow fishing. This did not feel like a nice marina to me esp compared to Boston Yacht Haven 2 nights before. They were cheaper and much more professional. I realize the marina can’t choose their guests but simple things like mask enforcement and no fishing rule would have made my stay pleasant. Will not return.