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you can’t give a no star review which is unfortunate, since that’s really what this place needs. let’s start with the lack of service. this “mechanic” steve they have, what a complete waist of space he is. besides lying to customers about what’s wrong and over charging for work not preformed, he leaves a mess everywhere he works. there was another mechanic but i never met him, heard good things but apparently he left too. you have the option of using bridgeport. i highly suggest if your at this marina that’s the mechanical team you use. the mechanic seems lost that’s there now. the manager - or 20 something year old, is forever to busy to answer his phone or return a phone call. unless it’s to one of his “favourites”. he’s always gone on weekends with his girlfriend on there boat from D dock. sometimes he’s just to busy with the guy at the end of d dock to do anything. it explains greatly the special treatment that area of the marina received. he has no business being and sny management position. trying to get ice on a long weekend was impossible as he was out at the island with his girlfriend and family. the docks are awful. no attention or real repairs are being done. bandaids everywhere you look and are continuing today. it’s. a shame for a place that has that potential. facility’s are non existent, other than bathrooms which are a throwback to the early 80’s, however the septic system in the back slips was almost overflowing one day i noticed on my walk. fellow boaters said it had been like that for almost a month. the grass was not well kept, the pump out was not working well, no fuel offered. this place is a dump and has horrible staff and that’s putting it nicely. would not recommend anyone to even stay one night.