Bimini Blue Water Resort

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King's Hwy
Alice Town, BI
25° 43' 28.77'', -79° 17' 51.74''
(242) 347 - 3166
Bimini Blue Water Resort
Bimini Blue Water Resort
Bimini Blue Water Resort
Bimini Blue Water Resort
Bimini Blue Water Resort
Bimini Blue Water Resort
Bimini Blue Water Resort
Humid throughout the day.
83℉ESE at 14 knots
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Do NOT rent a golf cart here, or for that matter watch out anywhere on Bimini. Not the peaceful, clean, hospitable place that it use-to-be. I love the Bahamas, and I loved Bimini about 10-15 years ago. I would still recommend the Abacos, Exuma as my favourite cruising grounds. - We landed at this marina with our sailboat. We rented a golf cart from the proprietor of this marina. He proceeded to explain to us that we need to use this bicycle lock to lock the steering, even if we left it for one minute. I asked who would steal the cart on such a small island. He explained they would salvage it for parts. We rented it for 2 days, and always locked it up. Sure enough on the last evening, the golf cart was stolen. Some witnesses said they saw a couple guys drive away with it, it appeared they had a key so they figured it was theirs. Later that evening contemplating it all. We thought the owner wouldn't believe us that we had locked it up, and we would be liable for the value of the dinghy, who knows maybe $3,000? The next morning we were leaving the marina at about 10am and they knew it. Sure enough, they found the dinghy at 8am, with some parts missing, they had an itemized bill for us for only $300. This is all part of a scam, they knew we would be worried they wouldn't find it and the bill would be way more. So they present it as good news, we found the golf cart, and only a couple of parts missing, only $300. We were relieved and pay the bill. We didn't figure it all out until we were halfway to Miami. That is when we put it all together and realized we had been scammed. Beware, and don't even bother stopping in Bimini, nothing to see or do, unless you must stop for some fuel or something. Hard pressed even to buy supplies. Sad state, I hope the rest of the Bahamas doesn't resort to this low.

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