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We ducked into this marina after an overnight sail when we got caught in terrible weather off NYC. We needed a place to sleep, take showers and make some repairs. Previous reviews led us to believe we would find all of that here. However. bathrooms and showers were in old, dilapidated sheds a very, very long walk from where we were tied up (and it was raining). The listing mentioned golf carts were available but only the staff seemed to use them. Rain water was dripping into the mildew covered shower stall from a leaky roof and there was no shower curtain. The wood floor was covered with dirt. paint and what looked like bird droppings. Needless to say I didn't take a shower. Bathroom doors were propped open with a large rock and women's room stall doors didn't latch. Overall not clean, secure or inviting at all. Wifi signal was weak. Electrical service was also a problem - had to be moved twice before we were in a slip where the power didn't keep shorting out. Staff did move us as we requested which was a plus given that it was dark, cold and raining. When I asked about the lack of facilities the response was "we just bought the place but there are places nearby." Not helpful and no excuse for not cleaning up the existing facilities. New docks, a feature touted on the listing, are great if you keep your boat here all time and don't care about anything else but clean and working amenities are what transient sailors are looking for. For what they offer, not worth the $4.50/ft price and not recommended at this time.