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Not a fan. We stayed on the T-dock in a strong south wind in our 5 foot draft sailboat. They said, have a good fender system on your boat. What they didn't say, is because we have absolutely nothing on the posts/pier to help prevent damage to your boat. Every boat on the T-dock sustained damage. They have no permanent fenders, rub rails, or anything to help keep you off their wooden fixed dock. After being pinned against the dock by 20+ south winds for 28 hours, therefore unable to leave, we have 2 shredded dock lines, 1 popped fender, and damage to the rub rail on our sailboat. We finally got off when the winds dropped below 15, only to almost ground in 4.5 feet of water, 2 hours before low tide, turning to get out. The staff is nice and the amenities are fine, but it was not worth it, obviously.