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Causeway Cove Marina

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601 Seaway Drive
Fort Pierce, FL 34949
27° 27' 29.04'', -80° 18' 46.2''
VHF Ch. 16
Fort Pierce
Causeway Cove Marina
Causeway Cove Marina
Causeway Cove Marina
Causeway Cove Marina
Causeway Cove Marina


Causeway Cove Marina has state of the art docks, mooring buoys, waterfront RV park, community and event center located on the Indian River minutes from the Ft. Pierce Inlet.

Located on over 43 acres of water and land Causeway Cove is quickly becoming the destination for events, boaters and RV’s on the Treasure Coast.

Conveniently located in beautiful and historic Fort Pierce. Causeway Cove is situated in the ideal location. Protected by a cove in the Indian River Lagoon and the Fort Pierce Inlet the Causeway Cove Marina has quiet waters to accommodate vessels of all sizes. Causeway Cove is the gem of the Treasure Coast situated minutes from world-class fishing, beautiful beaches, historic downtown, shopping, nightlife and more!

Berth Capacity



At mile marker 188 on the ICW, look East and enter Faber Cove Channel. Just past Red #2 in Faber Cove Channel, turn to port and head through the head and green temporary buoys. This will bring you down the west side of our mooring field. Pass through another green temporary buoy and the next Red #2, keeping closer to the green. The Red #2 should be at least 75' to your starboard to avoid shallow water. Turn starboard to head into the marina. Stay closer to the docks upon approach, as there is a shallow area between the docks and the mooring field.
Mean Low Water Dock Depth:5.0 Feet

Services & Amenities

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2024

Water Hookup:Yes
Transient Storage:Yes
Long Term Storage:Yes
Dinghy Dock:Yes
Groceries:Within 5 Miles
Medical Facility:Within 5 Miles
Pharmacy:Within 5 Miles
Car Rentals:Within 5 Miles
Beach:Within 5 Miles
Pet Friendly:Yes
Ship Store:Yes
Fixed Docks:Yes
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The location and staff amazing! Clean and well equipped.

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Causeway Cove is a beautiful new marina with a wonderfully helpful and friendly staff. Everything in the marina is like new and it is very well maintained. The compound includes a venue for large events which is a great source for nearby activities/entertainment. The location is beautiful and it is central to everything you may need, including a wonderful public beach just across the street, a multitude of restaurants, hardware, marine supply stores, museums, multiple haul-out facilities, and much more. It's as close to the inlet as you can get and still be protected from the current and ocean swells. We keep out boat here year round and love it.

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With the sewerage treatment plant next door it’s smelly. Especially when raw sewage surrounds you boat and the shore line. Other than that it’s new. Oh yeah. The events that they have create Parking problems!!!!

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Not a fan. We stayed on the T-dock in a strong south wind in our 5 foot draft sailboat. They said, have a good fender system on your boat. What they didn't say, is because we have absolutely nothing on the posts/pier to help prevent damage to your boat. Every boat on the T-dock sustained damage. They have no permanent fenders, rub rails, or anything to help keep you off their wooden fixed dock. After being pinned against the dock by 20+ south winds for 28 hours, therefore unable to leave, we have 2 shredded dock lines, 1 popped fender, and damage to the rub rail on our sailboat. We finally got off when the winds dropped below 15, only to almost ground in 4.5 feet of water, 2 hours before low tide, turning to get out. The staff is nice and the amenities are fine, but it was not worth it, obviously.

Marina Response:
Hello, sorry your boat sustained damage on the T-Head. We highly encouraging guest not to stay on the T. We warn customers there is no protection out of the South. Unless you were adamant about needing a slip we would have referred you to another marina because of this issue. I'm sure we would have put you in a slip if we had not have been full.
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Mooringfield extremly exposed to strong tidal currents and wind. We turned 360 * all night and did‘n‘t feel safe.

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The reasons not to stay Cause Cove Marina: 1. There are no rules or guidelines as to how others should conduct themselves accordingly. 2. The establishment allows endless drinking and disorderly conduct throughout the entire day and night. 3. No timelines as to when people must go to a quiet time and certainly not allow for drinking entire night with loud shouting of profanity until 3 or 4 am. 4. There is no security or staff on site that could of prevented any of this. 5. No security camera system that will allow for viewing of any events such as this. 6. The main gate does not close after a certain time, anyone can go in and out freely. 7. Allow for large gatherings at campsites (One campsite had like 5 or 6 vehicles with many people). 8. Allow for buses to run idle for hours venting obnoxious fumes and carbon monoxide. 9. No one wearing masks or even practicing any social distancing. With all of the above known facts, each and every one of these elements are considered a reckless liability and pose a danger to families and clients. Perilous and irresponsible liabilities that pose danger and risk that can subject this facility to legal civil proceedings. At the end of the day, Causeway Cove Marina, is promoting itself as a family destination “Where the fun begins” and safety comes first. I beg to differ, this is completely false, your facility DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY SAFETY OR SECURITY ALL WHATSOEVER!!! The fact of the matter is, that Causeway Cove Marina are responsible for those individuals that were allowed to conduct themselves in a gross disorderly conduct, in which, lead to a supposed alleged altercation were all adults. Adults that were intoxicated. THEY WERE NOT FAMILIES. Not just intoxicated during that night but were drinking long from before in the afternoon and was allowed to continue long after the event until the very early morning using offensive language with no regards to level of volume or as to the time it was. Once again if there was a security apparatus, it should of never have been allowed to get to the point of a physical confrontation with many intoxicated individuals. Despite this incident and the police came. These very same individuals continued to drink excessively and shouting using profanity until 3 or 4 am. The physical confrontation may have exposed me and my family to Covid 19 at the Causeway Cove Marina, of which I am waiting for results. This was because there was no security or any staff nor did anyone answer phone as I was being and confronted by 4 very intoxicated individuals in my face drunk and yelling spewing their saliva in their drunken stupor, then apparently one of them shoved me. And mind you all this happened on my side of the driveway. I think at the point of getting shoved and 4 belligerent individuals with no staff and no security to protect me as 4 drunkards are yelling, including some lady that basically was the catalyst. My wife expressed fear and did not want to stay that evening, she feared because of their state of intoxication that your facility allowed these individuals to vastly consume with no oversight on their rowdiness or level inebriation that was obviously disregarded by ALL. Nonetheless, her fear was, that they may come back and retaliate. No one wants to be exposed to these elements nor have any waiver in place stating to come an camp here at your own risk because Causeway Cove has NO SAFETY NOR SECURITY AT ALL. Mind you, this is despite, that from the other camping parking,spaces there were 7 or 8 years old zipping around in golf carts, there were dogs unleashed. This facility compared to others is complete chaotic mayhem of gross disorderly conduct with people that are overly intoxicated, using loud profanity until early morning hours.

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Do not leave your boat at this marina if your not able to watch it. Our boat Received substantial damage while docked there. Rub railing fiberglass damage and Dinghy davit ripped from the boat. The marina crew stood on the dock and watched a boat sink. Every month the dockage was a different amount. On top of that it’s Really a RV park that rents out it’s parking lot to noisy events.

Marina Response:
Thank you for such an honest review, we apologize for your negative experience while visiting Causeway Cove. We strive to make every accommodation for vessels to the best of our ability, including assisting moving vessels to more appropriate slips, and readjusting lines and fenders on a regular basis. Our dock hands walk the docks several times a day to do boat checks, trash pick up, etc. While we do also offer 10 RV sites, and rent out a small portion of our 17 acres of land to event promoters, these assets are part of our vision to make CCM a destination resort and add to the marina experience for our guests. Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your billing, please contact the marina office. Thank you for visiting Causeway Cove Marina.
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Grateful they remain open and had room for us. They are very responsive via Dockwa which is so important and appreciated.

Marina Response:
Thank you so much, come visit us again!
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