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We stayed with a group over Labor Day Weekend. We have stayed here when it was Mears many times over the years. It was a good stay with the staff being friendly and professional. It is a great place to visit with so many things to do --restaurants, bars, music, bike path as well as the marina has a big pool. I highly recommend it. With that said, there were some recommendations. The docks are really getting old and very splittery. Not needing new docks or rickety but not up to snuff. Since it was Labor Day Weekend during covid times I will give them a pass on the following but expect it to be different next year: no dock hand available (which we can handle); one (overworked) woman in the office when I checked in that was answering the phones (ringing a lot), answering the radio calls from boats coming in (constant) and checking in people. After I saw that, I understand why she didn't answer our radio call for awhile. Even with all that she was helpful and pleasant. And the first day in the pool was full due to COVID regulations so we were unable to go to the pool but I appreciate their efforts in adhering to what is necessary on that. All in all, a great transient location for boaters.