Report Review

I reserved a slip at Fusion resort for 5/14/21-5/16/21, I arrived Friday evening after work on my boat, the next morning I invited friends to join me for a fun day on the water. After a day on the water we returned to fusion and discovered a boat parked in my slip ( #7) after getting the dock masters attention that my slip was occupied he said very casually just float out in the water for a while .. so after floating for a while we noticed slip (#11) was available so we pulled up to the spot and started to tie up.. the dock master came over and said you can’t park your boat here, then he said I will move the vessel in your slip forward and you can park behind the vessell.. I relayed my discontent with that idea but he assured me it would be fine. The dock master pulled the other vessell forward and I brought mine in behind the boat, the slip was not big enough to accommodate both vessels and the owner of the vessel appears and was talking to the dock master and I got off my boat to ask him to move his vessell from my spot, the dock master said that we should have a three way conversation with him ,me and the staff member from freedom boat club that rents boats out at the fusion and gave the other vessel owner permission to park in my spot. My company were hanging on to my boat at the dock and my boat was hanging half way out of the slip and a wave cam a long and I heard my boat hit the dock and I told the dock master and the other vessel owner , this is very simple I paid for that dock , move your boat right now because my boat is taking a beating. The other vessel owners wife or girlfriend come to the dock yelling profanities because they have to move there boat , like it is my fault, and words were exchanged and the freedom boat club staff jumped in and shamed me for being upset that I did not have a spot that I paid for.. I was floored, this is like renting a hotel room and going out exploring the town all day and you return to your hotel room that evening to discover they rented your room out and won’t accommodate another open room. So the dock master had the vessel owner move his boat to dock 11 , where I was fine parking at when I first realized my slip 7 was taken. This was a very unpleasant experience and staff not affiliated with the fusion dock slips and do not know what docks are available should not give permission to anyone to park in spots that have been paid for and reserved. I have a new beautiful boat and it has permanent damage on the side where it hit the dock because it was hanging half way out before the dock master finally made the other vessel owner move.. I have the pictures to prove the damage as well as witnesses. I expect a full refund as this ruined our day and night. I did not want to leave my boat there that night but I could not find another marina at such short notice on a Saturday afternoon.