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Please read until the end. I am going to every review site I can find, the media, the FTC, and my lawyer. I am not one to complain. I pride myself on my tolerance but there are some acts of moral turpitude that deserve to be brought to light. Margo is an unreasonable, rude, and two faced C*NT! The first night I kept my boat there, it sunk and they wanted to charge me $5000 bring it up. Welcome to Hidden Harbor! I then replaced the boat with a newer one. This poor boat incurred damage after damage due to what I believed was their carelessness. I felt lucky for only having boot prints on my seats after the broken speedometer skeg, multitude of scratches, and a cracked windshield from them. I was there for approximately 7 months and experienced 1 sunken boat, a broken skeg, cracked windshield and FOUR missed launches. It was embarrassing and disappointing on several occasions when the boat wasn't launched as scheduled. I arrived with my crew and gear only to be met with an attitude about their ineptness to launch my boat. The last time I needed a work rack, they had me wait 90 minutes for an appointment I scheduled 4 days prior. I'd like to mention that they are not all bad there. Paul was always as helpful as they come. He is truly a gentleman and I appreciate all he did to help. When calling for a launch it is like they're doing you a favor. If you dont call several days in advance, good luck getting your boat in the water. During my stay there, I tried to rationalize this mistreatment. I stayed because the location was convenient. I figured they wanted me out because my boat took rack space but was only 20 feet and realized they charged by the foot. Then I thought they didn't like my boat because it's a vintage speedboat and not the typical upscale vessel they cater to. The reason became all too crystal clear the day I was forced to vacate when I was greeted by a departure letter in boat that eloquently stated, "BYE BYE JEWBAG!".