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The family owned and operated staff was very, very nice. The only way to communicate from water to them is by phone. They don’t use VHF radio. For smaller vessels, the marina is ok for navigating, but for larger vessels it’s tight. (51’) One must be careful entering the harbor from the main channel due to the narrow cut off of the main ferry channel. One must stern in (shorter docks) and you cannot back up too close to bank due to being shallow. The dock is fixed and a little narrow, but it works. From the dock you walk off onto a grass bank (geese feces everywhere) to the shore power pedestal and it was a good 30-35’ back from the swim platform. The location was beautiful and rustic, a little junky as island living causes residents to abandon items (vehicles, tires, etc.) rather than rid of them. The restaurant is not open every day, so check on that if it’s your thing. I give a 3-star at best. Glad we were here once, but little chance of returning.