Baysville Marina

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10 East Rd
Baysville, ON P0B 1A0
45° 9' 6.12'', -79° 6' 46.08''
(705) 767-3323
Baysville Marina
Baysville Marina
Baysville Marina
Baysville Marina
Baysville Marina
Rain later this evening and tonight.
56℉WSW at 5 knots
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I have been a customer of the Baysville Marina for over 30 years, but sadly, no more. My family stored our boat with Baysville Marina for years until we bought a new boat from a different marina on the lake. We naturally stored and repaired the boat at the new marina - Pride - which gave us better and more cost effective service than Baysville Marina ever had. Nevertheless, we continued to buy gas and ice cream from Brian at Baysville Marina and I even rented a speed boat for a weekend when our boat was not working. Fast forward to mid-August this past summer. I had taken my wife and her friends to Oxtonge River on a full tank of gas (purchased at the Baysville Marina a few days beforehand). When we were done at the river, we drove to a nearby marina to fill up, but they had closed early. We had no choice but to head back toward Baysville and hope our gas held out. As we approached the Narrows heading toward Baysville, the boat ran out of gas. We called Baysville Marina (at this point it was just after 4:30pm) to ask for help. They said they would come, asked my name which they recognized and gave some good natured teasing at an experienced boater being stranded. But they said they would come and we were grateful. 20 minutes later, Brian, the owner, called me back to say that they were closing, did not have staff and could not help. I was alarmed and advised we were stranded and had no way of getting to land. Brian responded: "Why don't you call the marina you normally deal with." And then added: "If you still need help tomorrow, feel free to call me then. Have a good one!". The marina I "normally deal with" is at the other side of the lake at Dorset, and Brian knew it would be closed by this time. He knew what he was doing, leaving a boater stranded. Thankfully we were able to flag down a passer-by who towed us to land - no thanks to Brian and Baysville Marina. Stay away from this unethical and unscrupulous operation. Don't rent from them, don't repair with them, don't store with them.

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