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We have been going on large, extended family vacations for more than 10 years. Of all the equipment we've rented in that time (houses, cars, boats, etc.), we have never encountered someone like Ron and his wife. Not only are they disrespectful and combative, but their total lack of understanding of what customer service is all about is shocking. We rented a 14 person pontoon boat from Tilghman Island Marina, so I can't speak to what renting the smaller equipment is like. The boat was wonderful for the week we had it, so it's unfortunate thar our experience at the end was so distasteful. Once docked, he tried to over charge us for the amount of gas left in the tank of the boat, and then tried to charge us for a new propeller for the outboard. If we had harmed the boat, we would have paid without a problem, but the prop was very artificially damaged, and could have been machined back to perfect working condition. We agreed to pay the $260 for a new prop but asked that the old prop be given to us as proof that he did order a new propeller and not just spend $20 machining the old one back to working order. Ron agreed to this, but It's been 2 weeks and we still haven't received the propeller. Calls to Ron have been combative and unprofessional and now he is refusing to send out the propeller, saying that he doesn't need to bother with us because we aren't from the area and won't be back again. Interesting way to run a service related business.