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We have been cruising the Chesapeake Bay for over 30 years now which has included hundreds of marina stays. Though we mostly explore the lower part of the Bay, we managed to go north this past season which included a stay at the Tilghman Island Marina. What a pleasant stroke of luck! We did not have advance reservations but Captain Ron made room for us. His dockhand by the name of Bobby helped us with docking. Though we really didn't need the assistance, we found his attempt to help quite refreshing. The property was kept impeccably and all staff were extremely courteous and intent on making our stay enjoyable. We ended up staying for 3 days, relaxing by the small but quaint pool. There were lots of local restaurants for dining and the marina offers a variety of rental equipment which included jetski’s and kayaks that were great for keeping my family entertained. Thanks Captain Ron and Wife Nancy for such a nice stay.