Fairwinds Marina

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1000 Fairwinds Dr
Annapolis, MD 21409
39° 3' 5.53'', -76° 27' 5.63''
(410) 216-0205
Magothy River
Fairwinds Marina
Fairwinds Marina
Fairwinds Marina
Fairwinds Marina
Fairwinds Marina
Last Updated: Oct 10, 2023 10:25AM

Gas Super$4.99

Brand: Carroll; Octane: 89;


Boaters Choice 2023


Fairwinds Marina is nestled in the serene riverfront community of Cape Saint Claire. This neighborhood gem is Annapolis’s destination for complete marine care on the Magothy River. Located between Baltimore and Annapolis, this quiet cove offers peaceful boating, along with quick and convenient access to the bay’s best fishing & most popular destinations. Fairwinds Marina is proud to offer trailer, land, slip, and lift slip storage packages to meet your unique storage needs.

Berth Capacity

Dry Storage:41
Winter Storage:200


Fairwinds Marina is 2 miles from the mouth of the Magothy, on the south side of the river, across from Gibson island. As you approach, you will see a green two story warehouse. Keep that warehouse & our main dock (C Dock) on your starboard side and follow C Dock all the way to shore to access fuel, pump out and our two ramps. The ramp furthest from our docks is our travel lift well.
Minimum Approach Depth:6.0 Feet
Minimum Channel Depth:5.0 Feet
Mean Low Water Dock Depth:4.5 Feet
Mean High Water Clearance:0.0 Feet

Services & Amenities

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Fuel Dock:Yes
Water Hookup:Yes
Transient Storage:Yes
Long Term Storage:Yes
Service & Maintenance:Yes
Boat Ramp:Yes
Groceries:Within 5 Miles
Ship Store:Yes
Bait & Tackle:Yes
Max. Vessel LOA:36.0 Feet
Max. Slip Length:0.0 Feet
Max. Slip Width:15.0 Feet
Fixed Docks:Yes
Repair Crane:Yes
Engine Service:Yes
Propeller Service:Yes
Dry Stack:Yes
Land Storage:Yes
Travel Lift:Yes
Yacht Brokerage:Yes
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Safe, secure, no issues and a good winter haul out experience.

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New slips!! Good lighting friendly staff. I have been a slip holder at Fairwinds for over 16 years. During that time I have watched the new owners invest, and improve the look and feel of the marina greatly. Truly a family run business where every member of the family has worked to improve the quality and service offered to their customers. They are constantly looking to improve the service and amenities. The new docks added last year are a testiment to their commitment to Fairwinds.

Marina Response:
Thank you John! It’s a pleasure serving you!
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The last year at Fairwinds was filled with challenges. We brought our brand new 33' center console to the marina in early April 2023. We paid $5800 for a lift slip. When we arrived, they struggled to get the lift bunks adjusted to properly support the boat and there were numerous power issues; the lift kept tripping the breaker when lifting the boat. They had us try a different lift and a cable snapped while trying to lift the boat, nearly hitting my brother. They worked hard to make it right, even hauled the boat at their expense and stored it on blocks until they could get the lift operating. They even offered to refund our money and let us out of our contract. We should have taken their offer. After they finally got the lift working and the boat stored, we noted that the bunks were not adjusted correctly. The boat would shift when being lifted as it was balanced on the ridges that run the length of the hull. Every time the boat shifted, it would slowly pull the rubber padding off the lift and chip the bottom. We couldn't see that the rubber was coming off with the boat on the lift, but asked the marina to adjust the bunks to prevent this from happening. They never did. The rest of the season passed without incident, though the shifting issue persisted, until it was time to haul the boat for the season. When we took the boat from the lift, we raised the lift to its full height and noticed how much of the padding had come off the starboard bunk - it was approximately 2/3s of the padding. When we hauled the boat, there were numerous chunks and chips taken out of the hull along the ridge. This was predominantly on the starboard side but there were a few smaller chunks on the port side as well. I pointed the damage out to the management of the marina. They said they'd discuss with the owner, a man named Larry Goldberg and get back to us. It took weeks for Larry to get back to us. When we finally forced the discussion, he told us that the damage was not from his lift, but was from a manufacturer issue in the gel coat. We couldn't believe the audacity! He assured us that the manufacturer of the boat would take one look at it and agree with him, claiming he was an expert. Needless to say, we were VERY upset. He also told us that we were no longer welcome to store our boat at the marina and told us that when our lease was up, we needed to find another place to store our boat. When we launched the boat last weekend, both the Marina and Yard Managers agreed that the damage to our hull was the cause of the exposed rivets on the lift. They also said that this is not the first time Larry refused to do the right thing and had other tenants leave with little recourse and a lot of frustration. My strong recommendation is that you keep your boat elsewhere. Larry, and by extension Fairwinds, is NOT a place you can trust and is willing to cut ties with a potentially loyal customer (and nearly $10k a year in yard fees) to save $1500 in damage repairs.

Marina Response:
No one from the Marina agreed that the damage was caused by the bunks. Boat Lifts are subject to occasional issues with their motor at all marinas. We fixed this customers lift as soon as parts were available (and now maintain a spare motor) and gave him free in and out service at our cost until it was fixed. Because the part was back ordered, we even gave him an option to get a full refund. I had a repair specialist verify that the issues on his boat were not caused by the lift, even though I am expert in this area. I always double check if a customer is involved and has a complaint. I have ten years of experience evaluating fiberglass issues, tutored by a guy that was a quality inspector at a Florida boat plant. (Buddy Rowe). We were boat dealers until I retired from day to day operations for about a year ago for over ten years. Check out Yamaha customer rating They were told they could not come back when they threatened a lawsuit. There was damage on both chimes. The boat manufacturer is known to have construction issues. No other boat has had chime issues. The damage could easily been done running over debris in the river or bay. Not surprising given the manufacturer, he had a series of varied issues with the boat that he complained about during the season. The operator was new to boats of this type and demonstrated poor boat handling in front of me going in and out of the slip early in the season. I even offered, until he threatened us, to help him with the process with his manufacturer. We strive to care for every customer in a reasonable manor. In order to have a nice marina for all our tenants it is occasionally necessary to ask belligerent customers not to return. Please feel free to speak to our manager who will confirm this is an out of control customer. Please look at all our reviews and you will see we do right by our customers. Thank you to all of our great customers.
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We so love being at Fairwinds. The people who work at the marina are so friendly and super knowledgeable and accommodating. The new docks are excellent, and the access to the Magothy and Bay could not be better. We had a fabulous sailing season, and look forward to years more at Fairwinds.

Marina Response:
Thank you!
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Doug and the rest of the staff are awesome.

Marina Response:
Thank you.
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Great service and friendly staff!

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