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Not really a marina but a boatyard, this is the place to go if you like to spend lots of money and don't really care if your boat ever gets in the water. The boatyard owner charged me for work not done (topping up my fuel tank as part of winterization, remaking electrical connections undone) and performed work not requested (a survey of work "needed" on the boat - which never was done). To boot, he was arrogant and condescending and I felt my boat was held hostage on the hard. Some of his workers, Jeff in particular, did a fine job on the bottom but the boatyard owner was in such a rush to get my boat in the water on a day he knew I would not be able to be there even though I'd requested to see it before it splashed, we found a rag stuck in the cockpit drain through hull when I had it pulled around the corner at Rappahannock Yachts. Amazing and not in a good way. If you have to use them I would highly recommend having an attorney review the contract and craft some addenda to protect you from the aggravation I endured.