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Sailing Catamaran - 44' X 25' X 4' We stayed here for a couple of nights on our way north along the US East Coast. This was an interesting stop for many reasons. Trey, the Dockmaster, seemed great; but I never actually met him in person, since reservations are easy (and COVID-19 safe) on Dockwa! This is a very busy marina, with traffic going in and out all the time. I tied up our 44 foot sailing cat in a 60 foot space between another cat and a motor yacht on their "Mega Dock" - They pack 'em in tight! The Mega Dock was a convenient place to tie up for a couple of nights, especially since diesel was available right there where we tied up. There is a lot of chop from the Ashley River traffic, though. There's a great little general store nearby, along with a gas station, liquor store and wine store among other vendors. There's only diesel at the dock, so this nearby station is important if you need gas. Laundry and shower facilities are small, but nice. Dryers are large industrial ones, so you can do a couple of loads of wash in one dryer. There's a nice Publix a bike ride away, but it's not exactly convenient. Downtown Charleston is about a 20 minute walk from the marina.