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If you are a catamaran or any boat below 60 feet, they will put you on the outside (typically) and you will break the waves for all the other boat. They put us in the last slip (closest to the coast guard station) on the mega dock. This is the worst slip in the entire place and it is where they usually put the catamarans and per the dockmaster, they do that only because it is easier (whatever that means). They should put catamarans on the north side (closest to the bridge) or inside near the turning basin. Instead they reserve that for charter yachts which during our stay were mostly transiting to the north east. These charter yachts don’t typically have the owners on them and the crew could care less where they put them as they use the marina dock hands to deliver all their groceries and ferry them down the dock. Where they put you is a 15 minute walk down the dock just to make it to the parking lot. The dock is so long they actually have advertisements near the gate like billboards. After complaining several times about the outside dock for 2 days, they finally moved us inside. We had already reserved another marina and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. It’s a good thing they moved us inside as when we were leaving to go to the other marina, we saw a small derelict boat that had dragged anchor and floated into the two catamarans at the end right where we were. Absolutely no protection in this marina on the outside and it isn’t a slow no wake zone. The dockmaster seems to have no actual boating experience and I’m pretty sure she has never actually docked a boat herself. In fact the longest a dockhand has been here was 1 year per several that I talked to and most had been there less than 3 months. All of them seemed miserable, but very polite. They could use some training as 1/2 of them I saw try to the line opposite to the current first and also don’t seem to know what locking down a line is. I talked to a maintenance guy that had been there several years and he said this is the worst the marina has ever been managed and complained the general manager was always out sick and never wanted to come to work. Also the dockmaster was miserable and didn’t communicate well. Pluses Courtesy shuttle - although I don’t think any of the dock hands driving it have a CDL which is required by state law. Decent WiFi Dockhands very polite Convenient Fueling - Several pumps on the mega dock Negatives Very rolly and unprotected on the outside Dockhands are not trained Mismanaged Pricey Lots of diesel fuel in the water from the fueling boats They stack the boats in really close The water pressure on the dock is terrible and it takes forever to wash down your boat.