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It has just been over a year since we initially decided to store our brand new Searay 270 SDX at the facility. I wanted a marina close to my house and ignored the reviews. Our gel coat was scratched pretty bad, estimate ~$2500. The marina denies doing it, though there were areas on the power tower that were scratched and had orange paint (the storage racks are orange). This actually happened on two separate occasions, with the second much worse after I complained. I initially did the year contract and paid the security deposit to get out of it; no way would I keep storing the boat when they keep damaging it. After breaking contract, additional numerous items suddenly became broken on the boat such as a chrome shower cap. Petty. I am surprised they didn't pour sugar into the fuel. Then you have the regular complaints of any poorly managed dry storage marina; zero to no dock space on the weekends which forces boats to dock together, difficult to launch boat, and, probably the worst, a long lead time to get the boat back into storage. I could have returned the boat Saturday at noon and still see the boat on Tuesday or Wednesday, uncovered. Their dock padding is a joke, consisting of old fenders where there are any. If you're considering this place, drive by it on the water and see first the condition of the docks, the boats on the water, and the wakes. Though an idle zone, people gun this area. We've come to grab a boat to see that someone else tied up to it without fenders. In conclusion, there are better marinas around. Don't settle for a pseudo-mafia run place that will destroy your boat. I wish the review would make a difference but, with the lack of locations of marinas, I'm sure this place will be disappointing future customers for many years.