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Staff was amazing everyone was super nice and helpful. Facilities were super clean and nice. Food was delicious. Views were beautiful. I’m not sure if they do fireworks all the time or if we just got lucky but they were awesome. The “free” WiFi was pretty terrible. Had to pay extra to be able to watch videos and even then it was spotty. I don’t mind having to pay extra for high speed but if I pay I want it to work well. Still not a huge deal. Only suggestion I would make for the marina is to put big signs up marking the docks. I’d never been there before so pulling in I didn’t really know where I was going and it wasn’t super clear. I’m not sure if it’s marked and I didn’t see it or not. The dock master did see me coming and pointed me in the right direction which was helpful. I didn’t even have to call. They saw me coming and came over to help tie up. Can’t wait to go back.