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We were a little disappointed on our stay this time. Our previous stay was so enjoyable and relaxing. This trip there were people in slip #146 that were drinking a lot, very loud, and kept us awake until 1:30 am, even after we asked them to be a little quieter. We tried to call the Manager on Call, but we were not able to get anyone to answer the phone. And we could not find a number for Security to ask them for assistance. I know that Security usually roams the docks, but this excessive noise and disturbance went on for a few hours and we never saw Security to be able to ask them for assistance. While we love coming to Great Oak Landing, and agree that everyone deserves to have a fun time, we were disappointed to have paid almost $80 and not be able to enjoy ourselves and have to explain to our granddaughter how the way these guests were behaving was inappropriate.