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Disappointing stay. We’ve taken moorings here for eleven years and this was the worst. 1) overall the club is rundown, messy and dirty. The showers were gross with dirt, black mold and dead insects. The grounds were unkempt with trash and apparently abandoned boats littered about. The launches were dirty and ill-maintained. The launch driver on Thursday evening was incompetent. Every time, totaling three times, we called for pick-up he forgot us and had to be re-called. Each time he took us back to our boat he could not find us by their mooring number and we had to direct him to our boat. He was great at actually driving the launch, but his service was terrible. This was in stark contrast with the young lady driving the launch the next morning, who was polite, sharp and a good driver. The location of the club and it’s moorings is perfect. But i’d Be surprised if it survives much longer. We won’r Be staying again.