Report Review

We stayed here for a total of six nights over a ten day period. First the good news - very friendly staff, free laundry (one washer, one dryer) and great location, don’t miss Erica Davis Low Country restaurant just minutes away by foot. Now the not so good, their dock hands (though very friendly) are completely untrained in handling incoming boats larger than what they can lift out in their forklift. First time we came in, two young ladies were dispatched to grab lines and assist. Handed a spring line and moved to the bow to hand a line. Moved to the rear to tie off the stern. Looked up, neither had wrapped line around a cleat. I said “ loop a cleat!” and we finally got it figured out. Left for a quick side trip and returned. This time, two very friendly young men came out. Handed a spring line and said “here’s my spring line. He said “I got it” this time we had a friend aboard and she handed the bow line off. I moved to the back to hand off the stern line. The first dockhand had dropped my spring line in the water and was reaching for my stern line. At this point, we were drifting away from the dock (in a narrow fairway) and each dock hand was holding a line in their hands trying to pull in a 50,000 yacht. Again “ wrap those lines around a cleat!” One wrapped the line around a cleat in a circle instead of a cleat hitch. After we stopped a fellow boater on the dock said “welcome to the asylum” and shook his head. Also, they list pump out services, but “yeah, our pump out is broken, we need new hoses.” Until they get their act together, stay at Thunderbolt or Hinkley.