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I am not someone who often leaves reviews, but I think given the circumstances of how we chose Holiday Hill Marina, I feel as though a review is necessary. After coming off a season of cruising in the Bahamas we were looking for a place to dock our boat and hide out for hurricane season. We did some google searching and found Holiday Hill. The reviews were all pretty good, the price was reasonable, and the location looked ideal. Upon arrival, we were met with friendly neighbors and were struck with how kind and generous our fellow boaters were. But honestly, the people who stay there, at least the ones that we met, are the best part of this marina. I’m fairly sure that many of the positive reviews you read here were part of a marketing push by the marina itself. We found almost none of these reviews to be accurate. There is Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t really work. So plan on driving to a coffee shop or the library if you need to do human things in the year 2018. There are showers and bathroom facilities but they are never cleaned and are filthy. Think gas station bathrooms, you know, like the scary ones out back that you need the weird key to get into, but without the glory holes (they get two stars for that). I suspect the community does not clean the bathrooms because they feel that they are paying for these amenities and do not want to set a precedent of this basic maintenance being taken on by anyone other than the staff. And I suspect the staff does not clean them simply because they do not care. There is a washer and dryer on the property and honestly I was scared to use them. Rumor has it they don’t really work that well either. This is not surprising. There is supposedly a lounge with a TV but it is located in a small cabin in the parking lot and the ripped curtains hanging in the dirty windows was enough to keep this girl out. So I cannot personally attest to this specific outbuilding but it looks like the type of place you’d yell at the people in horror movies for entering. There is no gasoline like one of the previous (and paid) reviewers stated. And in two months we never saw a single boat get a pump out, so obviously swimming is not a thing here. There is not enough power for the amount of boats on the docks and this seems to be a concern for the long term slip renters and that’s a shame. It’s very hot in MD in the summer and very cold in the winter. Heat and A/C take a lot of power but are necessary to provide basic comfort in the extremes of these seasons. There is no mail system for this marina. So your love letters and Defender orders will get lost. There is a lot of parking and the marina is close to all your creature comforts if you have a car. So, the location is pretty good if you are just coming back to do land based things. And Annapolis is just 15 minutes away. The marina is quiet, and that’s very nice. There are a few duck families that live here and ducklings can make almost any hair clogged drains and chronically toothpaste stained bathroom mirrors better. So it’s not all bad. The real glaring conflict here is that the owner’s very large, very expensive motor yacht sits in the middle of the marina. It’s pristine appearance and gleaming varnish is a constant reminder of the ample resources that are not invested into his marina. It’s a daily reminder of how much better the place could be if they really cared enough to make it so.