Report Review

New London Harbor may not be for everyone. We enjoy it because it is a vital harbor with lots (maybe too many for some) of sights, sounds and goings on. The moorings are fine. I still wish they would activate a couple of moorings away from shore to reduce the wash coming back from the vertical shoreline, and maybe a little further from the noise. They have the moorings, they just need a float and hawser. The mooring field is well protected from most wind directions. Maybe more movement from a strong East, and less from the North or Southeast direction. After 9:00PM the ferries to Orient Point and Fishers Island stop and the many Amtrak trains during the day are few. A three car state commuter train runs frequently between New Haven & New London. It really is a train watcher's paradise,. This visit we again saw a submarine going from the Groton Sub Base to sea. We did not use the shore shower facilities, but inspected them and they look nice and clan. The "Welcome Message" by email had all the codes for the gate and showers and lots of information. There are many good walks along the harbor, and lots of eating places, and several places to dock your dinghy. We again took the dinghy under the rail bridge to Shaw's Cove and at Captain Scott's you had to ask someone, but they have a designated tie up float and good seafood and more to take back to the boat or eat there. The Customs House pier now sports a summer restaurant. If you choose you can tie up at the pier for a short time and maybe overnight with Dockwa . The wake from the ferries is not really a problem, they are thoughtful. However, the many other quick passing boats way out cause some movement. Especially the Navy escort boats for the subs have one speed: full ahead, and plenty of wake! On this visit the Coast Guard EAGLE was docked and onboard tours were offered. It is nice to see the cadets from the nearby academy. The lights from Electric Boat are pretty bright, but its okay. It was wonderful to this year see a few boats at the moorings. Met some nice folks and chatted about boating. It is a novelty stop, maybe an acquired taste but one we enjoy. If you want to get a glance the New London Maritime Society now has a live "harborcam"