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We had planned a weekend of boating and water sports for this Summer’s 4th of July weekend, and from first contact last summer, Todd, the Harbormaster for Harbour Village Marina, was kind, and politely efficient with his answers. When it came close to day of arrival, Todd sent out a detailed email with the marina requirements for insurance and boat registration, and tried his best to indicate that because we would be mooring on the outside of the breakwater, that we’d need larger boat fenders, to protect the boat from wind push against the dock. My ego of 35+ years of boating, but nearly 20 years since mooring on this side of the state, I was humbled by perspective. Todd graciously was quick to grab a couple older fenders from the lost and found for me to use for the weekend. I was SO appreciative! He did indicate that the marina was considering purchasing some fenders to rent out for guest mooring, as sometimes folks just can’t see the perspective until they arrive. If you plan to come this year, I would highly suggest bringing/purchasing a few big fenders before your arrival, as Todd suggests in his pre-arrival email. The boat will be just fine with them, but without, you’ll be looking at potential hull damage, as the wind can pick up and the breakwater is taller than the average dock. All in all, I would highly recommend this marina, and plan to reserve again for the 4th of July weekend this coming January! :)