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Dillon's Creek Marina

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240 Lake Ave
Island Heights, NJ 08732
39° 56' 42.92'', -74° 8' 11.38''
(732) 270-8541
Toms River Harbor
Dillon's Creek Marina
Dillon's Creek Marina
Dillon's Creek Marina
Dillon's Creek Marina
Rain tomorrow morning and afternoon.
75℉SSW at 6 knots
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bananawindJul 14, 2020

The cleanest, full service marinas on the Jersey Shore! Beautiful grounds, well maintained docks, great staff. The town of Island Heights is a step back in time too! If you want a safe place for your boat & family this is it. We have always enjoyed our time at Dillon’s...they throw a few parties & have a pool!

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mr4bblsMar 22, 2019

We have been away from this place for a number of years others have said it is a beautiful looking place...but that is where it ends...the service here is atrocious...all of the work that was ever done here was performed incorrectly...if something happened damage wise it was never there fault...always a mystery...the owners are nice but the manager who runs the place is others have attested here he has caused many of the slip holders to leave over the years...the reason the work is done incorrectly is that the workers are not qualified and therefore not paid well...every time we left to take our boat on a trip it broke down at the furthest point away from the marina...take my advice...go elsewhere if you want the work done correctly. The information is very accurate...We boat owners break our asses working hard to make money and the service in any boat yard is extremely expensive...always thousands of dollars so you want your hard earned money to be spent as wisely as possible and you want the best workmanship for it...3 times we took major trips with our boat...3 times the vessel broke down because the work was performed incorrectly...On one trip alone we had four breakdowns...All because the work was not performed correctly...Fuel filters were wrenched on....!! Not hand tightened...After we picked up a load of fuel and tied up at that marina's dock 25 gallons of gas poured into the bilge...We had to stay there overnight and lose a day waiting for repairs...At the next destination all 3 bilge pump alarms went on...We had to get lifted out and lose 3 days awaiting repairs because our stuffing boxes were not repacked correctly...On the way back we lost a day due to an ignition problem that I asked the marina to identify and correct...They just replaced a part and did not identify the problem that caused the issue to happen in the first place...The distributor was bad and the shaft of it was rotating wildly and causing internal damage to the cap...When I went to another facility to have them check it out they found it out right away...This upset me greatly because on every repair DC did incorrectly I had to repay someone else again to do it right...!! All because the help was unqualified to do the work to begin with...You can put a name to your "post" because you work there...You have nothing to fear...When others leave their name they are bad mouthed...We (all of us on our dock) can not tell you how many times a slip holder would complain and instead of the marina addressing the problem they would bad mouth the customer and end up chasing him / her out of the marina...How is it that I have traveled up and down the coast and have run into former DC slip holders only to have them tell me similar stories...MD, DE, VA, CT...I suppose everyone of these people are wrong and you are right...As I said no one ever accepted responsibility there for anything...Every time you complained about something they would get irritated and arrogant and try to blame you in some way...An engine was replaced on one of our boats...While we were staying at another marina in Beach Haven and got lifted out for the season the yard in that marina asked us who replaced it and I asked why...He said they (meaning your place) could not have had a clue in engine replacement because the shaft to the prop was not cut down or replaced due to the new configuration (the combination of the new engine and transmission was longer than the old one)...It was way, way to far back towards the transome (spelling...?)...After they replaced / repaired it the boat performed much, much better...I hoped things would have changed since we left but it does not appear that way according to the other comments here...You have the nicest facility in the world...Why not address the repair issues instead of telling every one else they are wrong or that they are the problem.

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coreyhallFeb 17, 2018

I would like to start off by saying I work at this marina. I find it completely ridiculous that people will write negative reviews and say such negative things about a business and it’s employees as they hide behind a username and use the power of the keyboard to spread inaccurate information on the web. Unlike those people, I will put a name to my post, and not hide. Dillons Creek has a crew of guys that will bend over backwards and go the extra mile for its slip holders and outside customers. Mistakes do happen, we’re all human. But I’m sure the people posting these negative comments are perfect in every way and never do anything wrong. I hope you sleep well at night... My names Corey Hall and I’m a proud employee of Dillon’s Creek Marina.

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funhog18Oct 28, 2017

This marina is nice looking but beyond that they will try to rip you off every chance possible, the guy that runs the place is totally unqualified and pushing people out left and right. They force you to use only their repair services then over change you while looking for problems to fix it's so obvious that the entire marina try their best to keep from having work done. My advice is to stay away

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sloopdoggMay 10, 2016

Dillon's Creek Marina is a really lovely, well kept Marina. The boatyard service is horrible! I had them do a few things. One was to rebuild the toilet. They ripped out the $450 raritan household sized toilet and replaced it with a cheap $150 Jabsco compact size, the waste hose was left leaking! adjust the rudder stop because it was only catching an 1/8 inch, they added a piece of rubber hose. another was to make the engine ready for the journey Home and pump out all the old diesel and replace with new. They did not clean out the water separator that had all kinds of junk in it. Did not replace the belt which it need. All this to the tune of around $1200 and he needed payment before I left!! They installed the new wind/speed/depth instruments, all cables down the bilge. no junction box for the mast. no connection from wind to speed & depth. they left Backbone Tees without terminators! installed all new batteries/charger. refrigeration & bilge pump hooked up to start battery. charger not charging the house bank. ground connected wrong. they test nothing after a "repair" or install. they disconnected the water heater, bypassed the plumbing. I left numerous messages, no return calls. These guys are the highest level of corner cutters! Its a great place to visit but, god forbid you need any work done!

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