Report Review

Starting with what was good. Location was very nice. Easy walk to Gossman's. The 50 Amp electric worked well just over 200 Volts. Water Source was plentiful. There is a really cool Tiki bar that plays live music on the property. Also if fishing is your thing this place is a great place with bait station and ice maker on premises. Now the things that I was not thrilled about: We are accustomed upon arrival for dock hands to board the boat and help tie up the boat. The reason we appreciate this so much is we are not familier with the tide swing in the area and it saves alot of effort trying to get the lines just right. On this day the dock hand did a pour job of securing the stern and never offered to assist in helping with bow or spring lines. Also since there was no Pole closer to the mid ship or bow I almost drifted into the new Viking next to me and last second I saw what was happening and climbed over the helm chair to grab the bow thruster to avoid contact. I normally have my son with me except that he needed to bring the tender over and when he asked the dock hand where he can tie up even temporarily the dock hand said I don't know. So I was left on my own! In the 3 days we were there we never saw a dock hand walking the dock to check on any of the boats. The Docks are old and dilapidated. The poles are old and weathered with no pole caps on top. The adjacent property had a fish cleaning station that someone left a garden hose spraying through the fence all day and night onto the dock. So every time anyone on our dock need to get onto land we would get wet. There is no person to contact at night in case of emergency. I know this because I tried to call about the water spraying across the dock. I eventually walked thru the spray around the fence and relocated the hose to stop spraying the dock. On the plus side the complete lack of Dock hands made staying past 11am check out easy if wanted to since we never saw them. I wouldn't tell or suggest to others not to visit there. I would just prepare them for the less then yacht club experience that we experienced and to be prepare to take maters into your own hands.