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I just wanted to update my review to reflect a recent experience from this summer. My Parents were on one of their periodic visits to Wareham Harbor one day and while passing by the ZECCO docks, their outboard started to overheat. They pulled into a slip and because of our being former customers of ZECCO, Dad knew he could get them to look at the motor (rather than risk damage by returning to his mooring 2 miles away and having me fix the OB). Well, they treated him like a long-lost friend... called a taxi so my parents could get home, and the motor was fixed in a few days, meanwhile the boat stayed in a slip, no charge! I think there is a new Manager at ZECCO, but they bent over backwards to serve a former customer! Now, that sounds good, but even better when you realize that my Dad's boat is a little 14' rebuilt runabout with a 9.9hp outboard! That was AMAZING customer service, and reminds me of the good old days!