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Beautiful town. Big grocery, too. The folks at MMC were great. AT under 40’ I would absolutely come here, in order to get a mooring in the spectacular inner harbor. The issue I have is that any boat over 45 is given a mooring way out in the outer harbor. 42° 33.661' N 70° 47.374' W by GC 5. 15 minutes dinghy by motor to town, and a little rolly even in very settled conditions. THEY DID TELL US UPRONT, AND WOUND UP OFFERING TO LET US COME INSIDE, but by that time we’d settled in. You wouldnt want to be out there in lousy weather for sure. & in settled you might as well anchor, especially since they have no launch either, so at 80 bucks… THEY DID LET US KNOW ABOUT THE LAUNCH SITUATION IN ADVANCE OF CHARGING FOR THE RESERVATION, so really not complaning, just stating. UNDER 40 awesome if a bit pricey. Over 45 though, meh