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We always love staying at Manchester Marine. The MMC moorings are very secure and easy to pick up. This time, our arrival didn't go quite as smooth as usual. This is more of a humorous story than a complaint: We hailed on 72 as we approached and got no answer. Tried again, no answer. Different radio, no answer. Tried calling on cell, went to voice mail. So we grabbed a mooring. All this time, the person at the fuel dock can see us. So I commissioned the dingy so I could go over and talk to them face to face. When I went in the office I saw a VHF radio tuned to 72 - with the volume turned all the way down. I said "I've been hailing you on 72". "Nothing came through", they said. "Here's why" (as I turned the volume up). Anyway, then of course I had to dinghy back out and move from one mooring to another. To be fair, it was a bit early in the season for them. In fact, they opened up dockwa just for us on that day so we could get a reservation. We really do love staying there and my experience this time was way out of the ordinary for MMC.