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Map of Blount Island: View Full Map

Blount Island

City Jacksonville
State Florida
Country United States

Latitude 30° 24" 5'
Longitude -81° 32" 0'
Format DD DMS
Body of water St. Johns River
Current Conditions
Temperature: 68F
Dewpoint: 68F

Mostly Cloudy
High: 80F
Low: 47F

Partly Cloudy
High: 64F
Low: 54F

High: 77F
Low: 62F

Chance of Rain

Blount Island is a large commercial container facility that is conveniently located about eight miles west of the St. Johns River entrance and a 12-mile journey east of the Jacksonville waterfront. One of the largest automobile and wood pulp handling facilities on the East Coast, Blount Island services hundreds of ships each year.

Additionally, Blunt Island is home to the United States Marined Corps Blount Island Command, which is responsible for assisting and implementing overseas logistics for the United State Marine Corps. The Marine Corps depot is located on the far eastern side of the island while the commercial freight facilities are situated to the west side of the island.

The image above is a view from the west looking east over the Dames Point Bridge. The Blount Island Channel breaks off to the left (northeast), while the main St. Johns River Channel is off to the right (south) portion of the river. The Atlantic Ocean is visible far off in the distance near the horizon.

Navigating the Water:
Use NOAA Chart 11491.

The Dames Point Bridge has a fixed vertical clearance of 175 feet and was completed in 1989. It crosses the Saint Johns River just West of Blount Island at Dames Point.

Keep a sharp eye out here for commercial and military activity, especially at Blount Island. The journey through the bridge and on to Brills Cut Range is otherwise easy to navigate and well marked.

Local Notices to Mariners:
See our “Local Notices to Mariners” blog for updates on the latest conditions and advisories for this area.