Attribution Requirements

  • When displaying Point or Marina search results on a map, you should use the corresponding icon. For convenience, we provide an icon_url property on marina, point, and place objects.
  • When linking is possible, map pins of points of interest should be linked to the web URL on through a direct link, a popover, or a profile page within your application. This URL is provided through the web_url object property. Don't set rel="nofollow" on this link.
  • When linking is not possible, please follow the Visual Attribution guidelines below.

  • If a rating is shown in your application, it should display the total number of reviews along with the logo. The review components should be linked to the Place's web_url. Don't set rel="nofollow" on this link.

Visual Attribution
If your application doesn't support web links, then please visually attribute the point of information to This can be with our logo or a clearly visible phrase like "Powered by".